Elafonisi located near the southwest coast of Crete, 43 km from Kissamos and 76 km from Chania.
It is a small island with white sand and pink hue that separates it from the mainland by a lagoon depth of approximately 1 meter.
Fled there in 1824, about 850 women and children to escape the Turks as an underwater path leading to it, and if you knew you could visit.
But a traitor, betrayed this path Turks and Easter Day, 1824 and massacred 850 for reasons of revenge and punishment for rebellious Cretan people.
Also in February 1907 the steamship Imperatrix traveling to India was wrecked on the reefs around the island, 38 of the 140 people were rescued from the raging waves, thanks to the sacrifice and the care of the monks of Chrysoskalitissas and its few inhabitants.
Oh, ironically, an incredibly idyllic scenery has linked his name with these two incredible tragedies.
Despite all this, Elafonisi is the most beautiful and most visited beaches of Crete.
A magical place that will surely remain indelible in your memory.

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