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Your holiday tips

We will make suggestions and provide information on local places interest you may wish to visit.

Such as beaches and sightseeing spots and “out of the box” advice on each one.

We will also provide you with directions to nearby restaurants, traditional taverns, supermarkets, bakeries, fishmongers and butchers plus a variety of selected services to ensure you have a pleasant stay.

Ravdoucha Village is one of the most beautiful and traditional places in Rodopos Peninsula, in Chania, West Crete.

The Village although is not well known for tourists is quite fond of Cretans and especially to discerning foodies as here you will find two delicious tavernas hidden in the olive groves and below the amazing, wild rocks and just steps away from Ravdoucha Beach. At the other side of the gulf, there is a great cozy remote taverna too, named Waves on the Rock Taverna. Simple, Greek, traditional, tasty food in this family taverna. The service is outstanding, so nice and friendly. Lovely lazy atmosphere, a real diamond away from the touristic areas. 

Ravdoucha is situated on a mountain ridge on the west coast of the peninsula Rodopou, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the more western peninsula of Gramvousa (not to be confused with the island Gramvousa, which is right behind it). From the village there is a ca.1,5 km zig-zag road down the mountain slope to Ravdoucha beach, the road eventually forks down at the coast. Right leads to a couple of taverns and the harbor (and to a small beach right on the harbor), the left it goes to a cove with rock slabs forming partial small pools of water, and close to this starts a long pebble beach. Watch the rock-pools though, they are very, very slippery! The Ravdoucha beach is surrounded by numerous Tamarisk trees. Water shoes would be a good choice here. The northmost sandy quiet beach of the area is called Neratzia after a small tavern with the same name

On the way to the beach, you'll meet the cavernous small chapel of St. Onoufrios. Just open the door and wow! 

Visit the Byzantine church of Agia Marina (the church indicated on your way to the beach). Here you will find well-preserved frescoes of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and some other saints. Of the image of the face of Jesus sadly just half has survived, but Mary and some other saints have stood the test of time better and you could recognize them. The church is very small but definitely worth a look.

In addition, the area is suitable for hiking and it is very safe.

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