Many of the visitors when they hear Falasarna the imagination runs into an endless beach with crystal clear waters, thick sand and a red and white unspoiled environment and so it is indeed.
It is no coincidence that many times it has been awarded as the best beach in Greece and one of the best in Europe.
Known also is the famous beach party every year the first week of August with almost pan-European reach.
But few know that at the end of this beach flourished in the 4th and 3rd century BC century one of the most important settlements and harbors of Crete and that the origin of the name given to the local nymph heroine “FALASARNA.”
The earlier stages are still unknown in that country by the 4th century the town flourished and was able to hold strong fortifications, closed port measurable naval power, mint – with main display currency in a female head, probably nymph Falassarna and on the other hand a trident – several temples and a rich data center with access to trade routes.
In 67 BC, destroyed by the Romans to suppress piracy, and finally with the earthquake of 66 and 365 AC .
Today only several findings and the impressive throne of Neptune.
Worth a visit.

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